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I Have a Planting Problem

How did a mom of five with a degree in broadcast journalism end up slinging flowers?

She needed to pay for her habit. Her gardening habit.

It's like this: I had babies...I had 4 girls in 41/2 years...I stayed home. They took naps. I started gardening. I really liked it. Growing flowers is expensive. Growing kids is really expensive.

Here comes one more (a son.) Well, we're not selling the kids...but maybe I can sell flowers from the garden to pay for this compulsion. So 18 years ago I set a little table up in front of our house in our subdivision and sold jars of flowers on the honor system. It didn't pay for very many seeds, but it bought popcorn at the kids' soccer games.

As the kids grew so did the garden. My parallel labors of love. I lucked into finding the Suwanee-Duluth Farmers Market and became one of the first vendors. The name "Jars of Flowers" was officially born. That was 15 years ago. For 13 years, Suwanee has hosted the market and my little flower business has remained part of it. People call me "The Suwanee Flower Lady." I love that!

The girls are college graduates now. One of them is married and our son begins his Senior year of high school next week. As the years pass , time is recorded by their achievements and garden flowers, enjoying what's currently blooming but always looking forward to what the next season has to offer. As for this lovely pursuit, also known as Jars of Flowers, it keeps the garden growing.

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