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Weddings...joyful, romantic, sweet, fun, the end of the day, two people begin a life together.   Whether your wedding style is vintage, wild, or classic; it should be uniquely you.   I love personalizing your florals with fresh flowers and herbs from the garden in our eclectic collection of holders. 

And it's always and honor to  be trusted with a couple's vision.


You may already know that I try to grow or forage many of the flowers, herbs, and foliage that I use.  Of course,  I need to supplement from other sources for a wedding because I don't grow every kind of flower or enough of a single type of flower or color for an event like a wedding.  And because I am a grower, I limit the number of weddings that I do.  Preparing and creating your flower vision takes time and love....growing takes time and I strive for a balance that provides you with the best product possible.   I truly believe that being involved in the process from the seed to the flower it produces that becomes the final detail in a bridal bouquet gives me a fresh perspective...every time!  It also guarantees the freshest product possible.

We offer Full Service and Ala Carte wedding services. 


A full-service wedding, where we provide all of the florals, rental décor, and decorate the ceremony and reception site and remove the décor at the end of the event requires a $3000 minimum, including the service fee.    We offer some wonderful eclectic décor and furniture pieces with this option.   Minimum exceptions are made for small, intimate weddings.  We like to give our full service weddings detailed attention and prefer to  limit ourselves to one a month.  Our wedding schedule is full for 2021.  We would be happy to recommend some florists!

An ale carte service is available to meet smaller budgets, but it does not include any set-up or removal of décor.   It can include delivery and rentals.  There are many options for you to consider.   One popular option is for us to do the personal flowers and provide buckets of blooms and foliage for you to do your own table flowers.   Another option is what we call the “wedding in a box.”  We do all the florals and you have a trusted friend or family member pick them up on the day of your wedding or we can deliver them for a fee.  We can even design your tables and provide photos for you to copy at set up!

We are also offering a DIY option.  We provide the flowers, supplies, instruction, and guidance provide the labor.  Include refreshments and this is quite a fun option. 

Just need a bridal bouquet?  We have a Gardener's Choice option on our shop page...and it includes a boutonniere for the groom.  They are always beautiful and unique and while we can't promise specific color or flower choices, we will strive to meet your wedding style. 

Please contact me through the contact page to request a more detailed investment break down. 


Thank you for visiting.  Please contact me with any questions.   


Owner, Chief Gardener, and Jar Washer

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