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Weddings...joyful, romantic, sweet, fun, whimsical the end of the day, two people begin a life together.   Whether your wedding style is vintage, wild, or classic; it should be uniquely you.   I specialize in smaller, intimate weddings with fewer than 75 guests using seasonal flowers and herbs, many of which I grow myself. I am no longer booking larger events. 

We offer Full Service and Ala Carte wedding services.  Our full service options include the use of our beautiful collection of vases and candle holders that we have found at estate sales through the years.  

With four daughters and one wedding down, one in process, and two to go; I think being up front about budget is very important. So for your budget considerations, these are our minimums for personal flowers.  Honestly, they usually cost more because all those gorgeous inspiration photos everyone loves had some pretty big price tags.  My average bridal bouquet cost $300. 

$200    Bridal Bouquets                  

$85      Bridesmaid Bouquets

$15      Boutonnieres

$35      Corsages


Reception and Ceremony flowers vary with your needs, but a 60 inch round table typically costs $100 and includes florals, candles, and the rentals of our containers.  Long farmhouse tables start at $35/foot.

With full service weddings there is also a set up and delivery fee which is usually 20% of the cost of the personal flowers, ceremony decor, and reception decor added together.  In addition, there is a $150 charge for returning at the end of the event for clearing decorated spaces and gathering our rentals. 

Please call me at 770-271-5469 or contact me through the contact page to talk about your specific vision and needs.  I love talking flowers!


Thank you for visiting.   


Owner, Chief Gardener, and bouquet maker!

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